Today’s bell….!!!! what type of sounds is making right now?

Hi friends,

Just a few minutes before 25th of march has begin. its just 6 days remaining for completion of 1st quarter of 2015. so let me think of the progress I have made in this first quarter. I planned to read 30 books in this year as a task, o that is 2 + book in one month. but hardly I have read 2 books. I read fakir Mohan Senapati’s novel “six acre and the half” that was a part of my academic course. I joined the speaking English classes in October 2014 to enhance my public speaking skills, but still I hesitate sometimes, so that side is due in this quarter also. some fear is inside me, that is having his darker side activated. but I will finish his darkness.

I am still confused in lil timeline now days , I have to present a good report on Rajasthan Economy in these days, entrance test of South Asian university , general expansion of observatory skills…… and many more small tasks are remaining. I started a book named ” if you want to write” I will read that today.

one good thing happened to me today, After a few days harsh feeling for that girl, finally she made me feel better.better then this I saw pic of my sister in law{new family member}, so its excitement a bit.

while talking to mom she asked “Aue teri padayi thk chale” {is your studies going well??} and as I had not done well yet in my college so she giving sympathy ” not to worry”. I just want to say her that I am not fake, I will prove one day that your hard work will not going in vain. she is very intelligent and diplomatic and hard worker.

At present life is very unstructured , and what is happening to me I don’t know, I have a lot to say” a million of thoughts are coming but why these circumstances are stopping me I have no idea” . I can not say what I want to say? I can not observe while reading, sometimes I just read what I read and not get its intent” these are the things that I have to do excellently and that are my “dal roti”. I shall live with those experience 😛

since this quarter is almost gone, for the next it will be a really different experiences, graduating from college, looking for a new destination, I have to work hard a lot. I have to read and discuss the reality of matters. what are the thing how why? when ? where ? I have to live with aspiration.

Jolly Boy


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