I talked to namita..her soory was there..but i dont know..what it happening…but again…kyaa yaar..


Today’s bell….!!!! what type of sounds is making right now?

Hi friends,

Just a few minutes before 25th of march has begin. its just 6 days remaining for completion of 1st quarter of 2015. so let me think of the progress I have made in this first quarter. I planned to read 30 books in this year as a task, o that is 2 + book in one month. but hardly I have read 2 books. I read fakir Mohan Senapati’s novel “six acre and the half” that was a part of my academic course. I joined the speaking English classes in October 2014 to enhance my public speaking skills, but still I hesitate sometimes, so that side is due in this quarter also. some fear is inside me, that is having his darker side activated. but I will finish his darkness.

I am still confused in lil timeline now days , I have to present a good report on Rajasthan Economy in these days, entrance test of South Asian university , general expansion of observatory skills…… and many more small tasks are remaining. I started a book named ” if you want to write” I will read that today.

one good thing happened to me today, After a few days harsh feeling for that girl, finally she made me feel better.better then this I saw pic of my sister in law{new family member}, so its excitement a bit.

while talking to mom she asked “Aue teri padayi thk chale” {is your studies going well??} and as I had not done well yet in my college so she giving sympathy ” not to worry”. I just want to say her that I am not fake, I will prove one day that your hard work will not going in vain. she is very intelligent and diplomatic and hard worker.

At present life is very unstructured , and what is happening to me I don’t know, I have a lot to say” a million of thoughts are coming but why these circumstances are stopping me I have no idea” . I can not say what I want to say? I can not observe while reading, sometimes I just read what I read and not get its intent” these are the things that I have to do excellently and that are my “dal roti”. I shall live with those experience 😛

since this quarter is almost gone, for the next it will be a really different experiences, graduating from college, looking for a new destination, I have to work hard a lot. I have to read and discuss the reality of matters. what are the thing how why? when ? where ? I have to live with aspiration.

Jolly Boy

An instantaneous thoughts that are going with me continuously

I am writing this blog to express my thoughts and to learn new things from this platform. While writing this line,  I am thinking I am trying to be a little fake[fight from inside to set myself for once and decide where i am and where to go].

So This is the story 😛

I am Mukky. I am curious about the institution of name? who has started this tradition of Name? people before evolution of language on this planet, make conversation with each other ? how society  works that time? what is the process of formation of today’s all a ton of billions of names. So somehow in this largely widened sheet of name institution I was chosen for Mahindra, Munesh, and Luckily Mukesh. So clearly I had the option at that time {but not wisdom to choose 1 option myself }. So my parents let  it be Mukesh. So here smallest son with having one elder sister to scold me for my mistakes and one Smart  elder Brother for helping me to not to bother about trivial family pressures.

I learned a lot of in  his presence. my first outing to study from Gharsana to Bikaner and the company of one cousin, elder brother.  Nurturance from all my family members for every single bit of my life means a lot. So someday I will write about my life at Gharsana, Bikaner and during my graduation in Delhi.

so let me continue with mukky, first time I saw this words in the contact list of my elder brother (S. Chandra) and then conversation of his with his friends. Then first time I get the touchy feeling of when somebody is called with the nick name, it pinch and push me in a little bit in higher care-ness and lovable zone. Or I would certainly say it enhanced my Utility. In my Academic institute as an  almost regular student in classroom organic chemistry lecturer, his reiterate  to ” Ab mukky answer btayega” make it professional among friends. Then in this same way or other I am mukky in my little world.{in writing it comes to mind that what is little world and large world, it is just perception of mind or have certain volume, world is common for all, and it became from all}.

So let’s jump in  this very instant from nostalgic. its final year of graduation and just and half month remaining of becoming an alumni of a premier institute. what am I looking for now? yes, certainly a work/study. In a job market of campus, i participated and after several attempts  cracked interview of cognizant technologies, but that wasn’t cup of my tea, so left that option because I don’t want to join in channai? is this enough that  I want ?? not certainly not?

I want to know what is happening around me? in city? in country? in world? what is going on? At some place wars going on, somewhere space launching, somebody  people dying , world cups match , gender inequality, rapes , profits to someone, loses to other, human losses, sadness ,happiness  coming from certain actions? I would say as this planet has  a certain amount of resources and every one among us( be an individual/ institution/ a country) is fighting or working for ensuring power on that resources. resource here is ranging from a small needle to an area of land or to control over another country’s human and capital asset.

In this larger and widen wheel I am a peg & my duties are to work as excellent peg and make working of the wheel efficient.  First I want to understand the working of this wheel and who is the driver for this machinery.It makes me curious very deep and to think.After graduating as a Bachelor of technology in textile stream, now I want to pursue a career in economics,  fellowships, masters, Ph.D. and then in touch with society and make lives better. I want to justify my inner self that you are participating you role excellently in this wheel.

In this learning way I have applied in fellowships one as a legislative assistant to member of parliament and another as a global problem solver for international innovation corps. waiting for results.surely i will wriite on the day when i will be selected in one of the fellowships. so thats it for my first blog  and i will come up with next though very soon.